Spring Runway 2016

World Supermodel PNG enters new phase

The introduced pageant staged it's first big event Spring Runway, coinciding with the Melbourne Cup on November 1 this year.

The pageant is now discussing the next phase which will be photo shoot sessions in the coming weeks.

According to the organisers, the shoot is to bring confidence to contestants in front of cameras and identify the photogenic contestant from the 13.

This is an important part of journey, required on the international pageant.

The first photo shoot will be this Sunday at the Tubuserea village church.

Great introduction for World Supermodel PNG

This inaugural runway is the event to introduce pageant contestants for the two categories, teen and adult World Supermodel PNG.

Staged at the Lamana Hotel yesterday, the event was hailed a success by National Director Phylma Kelegai, as this year’s 13 contestants walked the runway, already considered as the longest runway in PNG and the Pacific.

“This is a great introduction. We put a lot of hard work into it but it was worth. The girls were very beautiful,” Phylma said.

The contestants are;