World Supermodel PNG enters new phase

World Supermodel PNG is committed to pull off a successful first in the international pageant next year in China.

The introduced pageant staged it's first big event Spring Runway, coinciding with the Melbourne Cup on November 1 this year.

The pageant is now discussing the next phase which will be photo shoot sessions in the coming weeks.

According to the organisers, the shoot is to bring confidence to contestants in front of cameras and identify the photogenic contestant from the 13.

This is an important part of journey, required on the international pageant.

The first photo shoot will be this Sunday at the Tubuserea village church.

National Director Philma Kelegai explains the shoots will be staged on everyday Papua New Guinea scenes, including one bus scene where a girl gets on a PMV bus dressed in a glamour dress.

Sylvia Pascoe of Pascoe Promotions who's helping with staging the events said the idea behind the shoots are to bring the inner supermodel out in an ordinary Papua New Guinea girl, hence the local settings.

"It's going to be like an urban-jungle theme where we have them against a setting very familiar to Papua New Guineans while looking glamorous. This brings out the inner queen in them, shows that one can dress and look sophisticated and still be a proud Papua New Guinean," Pascoe explained.

Kelegai added that the community has a different concept of what a female should be and many young Papua New Guinean female growing up feel they don't have space to express themselves through fashion.

"This photo-shoot will show that other side and translate their beauty onto the international level," she elaborated.

The world supermodel PNG team today met up with Vanessa Paraka, a young woman who is providing the wardrobe for the photo-shoot.

The photo-sessions will continue in various locations in Port Moresby, over the next few months leading to the actual local World Supermodel PNG pageant in February next year.

(Picture from left: World Supermodel PNG national director Phylma Kelegai and official wardrobe sponsor Vanessa Paraka today at Airways Hotel in Port Moresby)

Gloria Bauai