Sexual crime

R. Kelly facing 11 more sex crime charges

Court records reportedly show they relate to sexual assault and abuse of a minor aged between 13 and 16, and if proven carry far heavier sentences than the others he faces.

R. Kelly is reportedly due back in court in a week to face the charges.

Earlier this year the R&B artist was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He pleaded not guilty and has been released on bail.

If convicted on the earlier charges, which involve four alleged victims, three of whom were minors, he could face three to seven years in prison.

Sexual crime offences rise

According to CID and Homicide, there has been an increase in cases relating to sex crime offences relating mainly to minors.

OIC Homicide, John Daviagi said they have been attending to reports and investigating cases of sex crimes involving minors and have recently seen an increase in the crime.

Daviagi said it is practically from within the family.

“The perpetrators are not always outsiders and are mainly within the families and communities.”