Sexual crime offences rise

Sexual crime offences’ regarding minors is still a major problem and is becoming very predominant in NCD.

According to CID and Homicide, there has been an increase in cases relating to sex crime offences relating mainly to minors.

OIC Homicide, John Daviagi said they have been attending to reports and investigating cases of sex crimes involving minors and have recently seen an increase in the crime.

Daviagi said it is practically from within the family.

“The perpetrators are not always outsiders and are mainly within the families and communities.”

He urges parents to look after the minors, especially children under the age of 17 as they are more vulnerable to this type of crime being committed in homes within the communities.

“I appeal to all parents and guardians to watch over their minors properly because this crime is becoming prevalent especially in homes and the society.”

He adds that when parents lose control of their children, these perpetrators move about to exploit and take advantage of them.

Annette Kora
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