Referendum Roll

B’villean voters in POM to register this Saturday

The Electoral Commission, in collaboration with the Port Moresby Bougainville Association, will be conducting registration and enrolment of eligible voters on Saturday.

All eligible Bougainvilleans living outside Bougainville are urged to come forward and register between 8am to 4pm.

NCD election manager Terrence Hetinu will be in charge and registration may be extended to ensure all eligible Bougainville voters are given the opportunity to register.

Bville Referendum Roll being updated

This exercise is part of the three-phase enrolment plan that the BRC will be undertaking to update and finalise the roll in preparation for the upcoming Referendum.

The 2nd phase of updating the Referendum Roll in Bougainville began on the 3rd of June.

During this phase, ward recorders will be visiting each ward and community governments to update details of eligible voters in each village and household.