People’s National Congress

10 Members of Parliament declared so far

So far, Pangu Party has two declared, one declared for National Alliance Party, the Melanesian Liberal Party (MLP) has one MP declared whist the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party has the highest with six declared members. 

Among the 10 declared were Prime Minister and Member for Ialubu Pangia Peter O’Neill and Tari Pori MP James Marape who was the first member to be declared on July 9.

Big challenge ahead for new political parties

The Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission this week approved the applications of seven new political parties.

Gelu said the timing of registration of these new parties poses a challenge for them.

The parties now have only a month to tell the people about themselves including their policies.

They have to compete with well-established political parties such as People’s National Congress (PNC), National Alliance (NA), Pangu, National Party, United Party and PNG Party.

O’Neill confident PNC will form next Government

O’Neill in a statement said when PNC party was elected in 2012, they made few promises to the people of PNG, but those they did make were ambitious, expensive and very hard to achieve.

“Free and universal education was one of these promises, and today it remains one of our top priorities.

“Over the coming days the party hopes to explain why free education is our most important policy, while giving you the people of Papua New Guinea a chance to discuss the impact of the hard work the government has done in this area.”