Gary Aylwood

AROB business opportunities being monitored

Tradelinked Cairns and PNG visited the islands last month (October) for the second time to further potential business investments. This follows a visit by a Bougainville delegation earlier in the year.

Tradelinked informs Loop PNG that there are no formal agreements or contracts but they will monitor business outcomes over the next three months.

Delegation team leader, Gary Aylwood, told Loop PNG before their trip to Bougainville that agriculture and alternative energy were two potential investment areas.

ARoB consultants to boost growth

These are some of the prospects when the Australian trade delegation travels to ARoB today.

Gary Aylwood, a member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Tradelinked group, says the delegation consists of consultants who will provide training for local agricultural business and assist in the kick starting of old technology.

“In the case of the agricultural sector, we’ve got some consultants that can help farmers and co-ops to improve their yields and they’ll be having some discussion there to assist, particularly in the cocoa industry,” says Aylwood.

Potential investments in ARoB raise eyebrows

Delegates from the Cairns Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and from Port Moresby will travel to Port Moresby today to further strengthen business ties established at the start of the year.

“We spent time in Buka and in Arawa just to look at business opportunities, meeting local businesses in Bougainville and getting a sense of where it’s going and everybody was really positive and enjoyed the trip,” said CCC member, Gary Aylwood.