ARoB consultants to boost growth

Skills development and technology opportunities will be available for local entrepreneurs in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB).

These are some of the prospects when the Australian trade delegation travels to ARoB today.

Gary Aylwood, a member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Tradelinked group, says the delegation consists of consultants who will provide training for local agricultural business and assist in the kick starting of old technology.

“In the case of the agricultural sector, we’ve got some consultants that can help farmers and co-ops to improve their yields and they’ll be having some discussion there to assist, particularly in the cocoa industry,” says Aylwood.

“There’s also a biofuel factory in Arawa that’s not commissioned and we’re looking at ways of being able to get to the stage of commissioning it, and that could develop an industry there for Bougainville and Arawa.”

This should be beneficial for Bougainville, he says.

The ongoing infrastructural development in ARoB is seen as a step in the right direction by the delegation.

The building of key infrastructure can open up economic opportunities for local businesses and investors.

Currently there are two airports, ongoing road constructions and plans for the development of wharves.

“There’s some infrastructure there that’s very positive and that helps business going in a positive way,” says Aylwood.

Cedric Patjole