Blockchain tech proposed for Finschhafen

An MOU was signed this week between the Governor and Ledger Atlas Inc, an Investment Consortium, to begin the feasibility of the proposition.

The proposed Special Economic Zone focused around blockchain technology. If it becomes reality, it will make PNG the country in the world to create an economic zone.

The MOU aims to further the discussion through a feasibility study.

Locals offer discount on boat fare

A boat owner with  75 horse-power engine, Elizabeth Posa said all operators agreed to charge K80 per person, rather than the usual K100.

The Morobeans have not taken advantage of the situation to charge more.

This morning her boat (pictured) ferried 17 passengers in the first run. They are members of the Madang and Goroka districts.

"I am standing here organising the delegates to get on my boat, so when the operator returns he will make two more runs before the end of the day," said Posa.