Don Polye

Former treasurer tackles PM again on huge loan deal

“I stand to support the call by the two former prime ministers, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and Sir Mekere Morauta, for O’Neill to disclose the terms of the USB deal to the nation and people of PNG.”

 Polye added that the picture is now on the wall as to why he was sacked as the treasury minister in 2014.

State of economy a bigger challenge - Opposition

He says cabinet ministers and government backbenchers should think about this given the current circumstance of the country’s economy

He says at a time when Papua New Guineans are expecting the country’s economy to flourish there is a shortage in cash flow.

Polye says despite the K4billion LNG proceeds in the Budget there is still news of critical services like health and education closing down.

“The drop in commodity prices is only by 30 percent and this should not create a shortage of money in any way,” he added

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Islands nations should press Australia and NZ on climate change: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Polye says Pacific Island leaders who will gather for the 46th Pacific Island Forum meeting should make a strong statement on damages to pacific island countries by climate change.

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Kandep to get K10m power boost, says Polye

“Officials from a consultant company were sent to Kandep today (Friday 3, July 2) to do a feasibility study on this project,” said Mr Polye when presenting his district’s DSIP acquittal report to the Department of Rural Implementation.

He said when the study is completed, the Yonki power grid would be pulled along the newly sealed Kandep-Mendi highway from the Southern Highlands to his district.

Polye calls for accurate debt data

Polye made this call when assessing the current revenue inflow problems.

He said the fall in the global crude oil and gas prices had drastically affected the country.

He said the government’s 2015 budget projections framed without considering such external shocks had taken a hard hit as a result.

Polye, who earlier called on the government to immediately introduce a supplementary budget to revise the figures, believes there’s more to information on the status of the economy that the government and financial institutions are purposely withholding from its citizens.

Australia must take money laundering seriously – Polye

Polye says the Australian Federal Police must conduct its own investigations into this revelation caught on record.

“Australia has a duty to protect its citizen and it must be concerned about such reports claiming lawyers in Australia to be associated in money laundering in PNG,” he says.

He has also called on the PNG Law society to investigate Young & Williams Lawyers owned by Harvey Maladina and Greg Sheppard.

Polye says he spoke about money laundering before and that people should not be surprised to hear this.

Opposition labelled Gov’t as ‘blaming gov’t’

Speaking to reporters in a media conference today in Port Moresby, Polye says the government has been blaming the past governments, leaders, public servants and citizens of this country without having a solution for that particular issue.

He was responding to the latest media statement from the Education Minister who had claimed that more than K50 million have been lost in the education system.

“The government knows nothing about providing solutions to prolonged challenges and corruptions.

‘PM, please explain’ K20m for ICAC

In a media conference today, Polye claimed that the Prime Minister had no interest in fighting corruption in the country as a result of not establishing the ICAC.

“The Prime Minister when officially elected into the office as the chief executive officer of the country made a commitment to establish the ICAC.”

However, he said after three years in the office, the Prime Minister had done nothing for establishing the ICAC office.