Meet with suspended police officer confirmed

Minister for Police, Jelta Wong, has confirmed that he had met with the suspended ACP for Crime, Victor Isouve, about his medical appeal.

Wong said ACP Isouve has been suspended on alleged disciplinary offences and the decision to suspend him is procedural; to allow for a thorough investigation to be conducted.

According to the notice of suspension, Isouve has been suspended for 21 days, which came in to effect on Friday 23rd of March.

Offences alleged against Isouve are as follows;

  • Insubordination
  • Through an internal act places himself under an obligation to a person (named) which is likely to affect the proper discharge of his duties as a member of the force
  • Made false of frivolous complaint against a senior police officer of the hierarchy (named)
  • Causing disaffection

“It is anticipated that the investigation and its findings will be completed within the 21-day suspension timeframe,” revealed the Minister.

Wong said since this incident involves a senior officer of the Royal PNG Constabulary, it is best for all parties to handle it with impartiality and professionalism, and not have the matter sensationalised outside of proper protocols.

“He also was protecting a foreigner that was deported when he came to see me but it was because of his health and I was trying to support him,” clarified Wong.

Nevertheless, Isouve said one of the reasons of his suspension was insubordination; that he had contacted Wong on a matter without Commissioner Gari Baki’s consent, which he counters saying the hierarchy was aware of his meet with Minister Wong.

Isouve explains that what had incited the suspension was the team of investigators he had put together earlier last week following allegations made against a senior officer, and other senior officers of the police hierarchy, including some government institution officers involving a case from 2016.

Isouve maintains his innocence of the allegations made against him, adding that he was only doing his job as ACP Crimes.

(Minister for Police, Jelta Wong)

Annette Kora