Jelta Wong

Health Minister pleased with ANGAU’s progress

He was there to view the progress and reiterate the Papua New Guinea Government’s commitment to the project.

“I am pleased to see the progress of this impressive and significant infrastructure project, which promises to provide high quality health care for communities throughout the Momase Region,” said Minister Wong.

“Once completed, ANGAU will be the major regional referral hospital and a significant national asset for Papua New Guinea for decades to come.”

Fire Dance Festival for Gazelle district

“The Fire Dance Festival is the first for the people of the Gazelle District geared toward attracting tourist to our district,” the Gazelle MP said.

“The Gazelle district administration is working tirelessly to deliver this event and we are proud to announce we will be hosting the event on October the 18th and 19th 2019.”

The theme for this event is ‘Promoting Responsible Tourism and Agri-tourism’ which will see over 1,000 individual performers taking part in over 55 different and unique cultural performance groups.

LLG leaders reminded

Speaking at the declarations of the Central Gazelle, Inland Baining and Lassul Baining LLGs at Kerevat on July 26th, he reminded the elected Ward Members to refrain from playing politics and fix up the wards first so people can realise delivery of services from the district.

While congratulating the elected Ward Members, he said it will not be an easy run.

He said Ward Members will be voting in their new presidents at the LLG chambers in a few days and further discouraged them from joining camps and promoting corruption.

MP concerned over gambling outlets

Wong, in a statement, said Asian expatriates operating supermarkets at Kerevat have obtained gaming licences from the National Gaming Control Board and have decided to open up business at Kerevat town.

The Gazelle MP together with the Gazelle District Administration were not aware of this arrangement.

He said this destructive industry of pokies or gambling houses have social implications and it is detrimental to the progress of the Gazelle district and East New Britain as a whole.

Wong asks for K3m for Gazelle’s rural roads

“Three million kina was budgeted for rural roads in Gazelle has not been received. I asked the district’s finance manager and he said it hasn’t come yet. Can the Minister please investigate?” Wong asked Minister for Transport & Infrastructure, William Samb.

Minister Samb said in the 2019 budget, K100 million was allocated for district roads.

“K40 million has been spent. Of this, a warrant of K19 million was transferred to Transport Department but was withdrawn, and K40 million was transferred to Works Department to be spent.”

Get rid of ‘free handout’ mentality

He made this known during an open forum on the Gazelle District School Fee Subsidy program at the district office at Kerevat recently.

For this particular program in the past years, it has been the norm for parents to seek school fee assistance from the Office of the Gazelle MP.

But this is about to change as subsidies will be deposited into East New Britain Savings and Loans Society (ENBSL) and parents can get assistance in the form of a loan.

Parents will no longer ask for free assistance for school fees.

MP disgusted with exploitation of Tubuans

“What I have seen and what has been shown all over social media is wrong and should never have happened,” said the local MP and Police Minister, Jelta Wong.

“There are no two ways about it, no excuses and no concessions you can allow for this.

“It is immoral, disrespectful and WRONG!

“I would also like to preface everything with a message to our ENB people – please do not take this opportunity to try and degrade the National Mask Festival as an event. This festival is a very important event on our tourism calendar.

Minister Wong aims to change district

He said this in relation to the start of emergency maintenance works on the Warapukpuk Bridge situated in the Lassul-Baining LLG in his electorate, which is considered a potential food bowl for East New Britain.

Minister Wong said by providing reliable access to critical services, the bridge will transform not only the communities but also the people’s potential to thrive.

He said with a secure bridge in place, students are able to attend school, workers can safely get to work and residents are not isolated from the nearest health centre and market.

Gazelle electorate prioritises education

This year, a K250,000 subsidy was set aside by the local Gazelle MP and Police Minister Jelta Wong for tertiary students around the country.

However, payments to the various selected institutions have been delayed this year due to the rollout of the Government’s new accounting system - the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS), which promotes transparency and accountability.

Incursions into gas areas in Gulf

He said the incursions are taking place in areas where the current gas developments and potential projects are situated.

He said a recent incursion was made on Monday.

Governor Haiveta said following the recent three gas discoveries in Kimu, Barikewa and the offshore field of Pasca and the upcoming LNG Project of Elk-Antelope, there has been an increase into the border by people from neighboring Provinces.

He asked if some policing arrangements can be done similar to the current resource projects in the country.