ACP Crimes confirms suspension

Assistant Police Commissioner Victor Isouve has been suspended as head of Crimes Division, of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

According to the notice of suspension, Isouve has been suspended for 21 days which came in to effect on Friday 23rd of March.

Offences alleged against Isouve are as follows;

  • Insubordination
  • Through an internal act places himself under an obligation to a person (named) which is likely to affect the proper discharge of his duties as a member of the force
  • Made false of frivolous complaint a senior police officer of the hierarchy (named)
  • Causing disaffection

Isouve has confirmed his suspension adding that he was served the suspension notice by Deputy Police Commissioner, Jim Andrews, witnessed by ACP for Operations, David Manning.

Speaking to this newsroom Isouve explained that what had incited the suspension was the team of investigators he had put together earlier last week, following allegations made against a senior officer, and other senior officers of the police hierarchy, including some government institutions involving a case from 2016.

He received a notice prior to being suspended to have the unit disbanded, of which he had done so, but was suspended a few hours later on the same day.

Isouve maintains his innocence of the allegations made against him, adding that he was only doing his job as ACP Crimes.

Isouve’s suspension will expire on the 06th April, 2018.

More to follow as the story develops.

Annette Kora