Public Service Minister visits New Ireland

Minister for Public Service, Joe Sungi, has embarked on provincial tours as part of efforts to operational aspects of provincial administrations of the public service in the provinces.

Sungi’s provincial visits are to assist provincial and district administrations with structure and Human Resource (HR) issues.

Minister Sungi’s visit to the provinces was one of the plans he announced at the beginning of this year to ensure the work output of public servants in the provinces are diligently done, to ensure the functions of the government are up and running and that there is manpower on the ground against the approved structures.

“District and Provincial Administration, Provincial Health Authorities, and Government Agencies in the Provinces such as Correction Service, and Police need DPM’s attention to fix their structures,” said Minister Sungi.

The Minister’s first provincial tour was to New Ireland Province on the 25th of May.

The Minister was accompanied by Department of Personnel Management officers, who visited the Provincial Administration Human Resource and Senior Executive Management Team in New Ireland province.

The meeting with the New Ireland Provincial Administration discussed a whole range of issues including on Capacity Building issues and HR Support.

Minister Sungi also emphasized on the need for Provincial Administrations to have succession plans to ensure the Administration has the capacity to perform effectively all the time.

The visit by the Public Service Minister to New Ireland Province is the first of provincial visits which was announced by the Minister in January this year.

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