New High Schools For Bogia

Three high schools in Bogia District, Madang Province is ready for Grade 9 intakes for the 2022 academic year.

The schools are, Ulingan Day High School, Bosmun Day High School and Being Day High School will cater for the displaced Manam Island students residing at the Care Centers.

Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri said the three high schools are registered set for Grade 9 intake next year.

“My plan is to establish five da high schools in the district so that we can create enough Grade 9 spaces for our children. Eventually two of them will be converted into boarding schools in future,” he said

The Office of the Member hopes to build two more schools in the district, one in the hinterlands and one along the Ramu River.

Mr Naguri said the funding for the new schools were sourced from the District Service Improvement Program.

He said over half a million already spent for schools and there is more funding made available towards the completion of the high schools.

Mr Naguri said as stipulated by the Government’s vision of Living No Children Behind, Bogia District also want to ensure it has enough educated population to take Bogia into the future.

He said education is one of the pillars he would be focusing on as part of human resource development for the district. 

Susan Oreape