Academic excellence envisioned for Lae schools

Member for Lae and acting Prime Minister, John Rosso, aims to boost academic excellence in Lae schools.

He shared his vision when applauding Lae Secondary School staff and students for their efforts that have contributed to the institution’s academic progress.

He said: “I am pleased to announce that our support for Lae Secondary School will not only continue but will be strengthened. My vision is to make Lae schools the best in Morobe Province and, indeed, in the entire nation.

“To achieve this, we will focus on comprehensive improvements, including upgrading facilities, expanding access to quality education, and enhancing the curriculum to align with the evolving needs of our society.”

Rosso further encouraged the school community, parents, students and the Board of Management to actively participate in this shared goal.

“Education is a collective effort, and it requires the collaboration of all stakeholders.

“Together, we can create an educational ecosystem that empowers our youth, fosters innovation, and positions Papua New Guinea as a global leader in education.

“As we celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class, let us also look forward with optimism and determination. The future of Papua New Guinea lies in the hands of these young graduates, and I have full confidence that they will contribute significantly to the progress and prosperity of our nation.”

Rosso officiated at yesterday’s graduation ceremony that saw 428 Grade 12 students graduate.

Loop Author