Tarzzy Metta

Calls for music regulatory body

Tarzzy Metta, a music teacher in West New Britain said the Government should start looking at this seriously before the Industry is taken over by unscrupulous people.

Tarzzy Metta is also the Chairman of the West New Britain Music Association.

His call for a professional regulatory body for the Music Industry follows what he says is unethical behaviours portrayed by popular young PNG musicians.

Recently, a video went viral on the social media platform “Facebook” of a band member of Wild Pack, uncontrollably bashing a helpless fellow artist, Raga Siaii.

Senior Musician condemns violent video

Chairman of the West New Britain Music Association, Tazzy Metta, said the Association totally condemns the act of violence towards a human being and a fellow musician. 

The music Industry in PNG is a struggling one with many musicians going out their own way, appearing in concerts or fundraisers to make money.

Those who make it, have many fans looking up to them and admiring their talents but fans can break them as well.

Papua New Guineas on the social media platform “Facebook” are now calling on all radio stations to pull down songs sung by the band Wild Pack.