Richard Maru

Planning project updates presented to new minister

Officers of the National Planning office were given an opportunity to give brief updates on the status of projects that were working on.

They also outlined their plans on how effective this projects will be on the national level.

Hakaua Harry the secretary for planning said the role of the national planning in the development of this country was an important part.

It was also an opportunity that she saw fit to acknowledge former National Planning minister Charles Abel.

NID high on the agenda for Maru

Minister Maru highlighted the slow progressing NID project that has to date seen more than K250 million spent.

He says there needs to be a review into this project, as it is a key agenda to ensure the smooth running of sectors such as national planning which in turn impact development and economic growth.

Maru adds that other sectors which also will come under review will be Fisheries, and Agricultural in particular work of organisations such as the Cocoa board.

The Minister is adamant to ensure a thorough and transparent running of the office of planning.

PNG’s first trade policy to be launched

The PNG National Trade Policy was developed over the last three years.

Caretaker Minister for Trade, Richard Maru, says this is one of the Government’s key policy achievements through the Ministry of Trade, Commence and Industry in partnership with the European Union.

The National Trade Policy was endorsed by the National Executive Council in April 2017 before the 10th National Elections.

​Maru confident of PNC’s rule

Maru was declared last night at Yangoru Station as member elect for Yangoru-Saussia District in East Sepik Province.

The PNC candidate, after the elimination round, was declared around 9pm by Returning Officer Martin Wana.

Maru, speaking after the declaration formalities, assured his people that the development projects started in his first term in Parliament will be completed.

He said PNC will form government and will not forget the people of Yangoru-Saussia.

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Konga is new ENB governor!

East New Britain Province has a new governor in Nakikus Konga.


Maru will be declared: RO

The people of Yangoru-Saussia in East Sepik have returned Richard Maru to Parliament for his second term.


Maru will be declared: RO

The People's National Congress Party candidate maintained his grip on power after the final elimination this evening.

Returning Officer Martin Wana told Loop PNG at 8:40pm: "I will shortly make a declaration on our sitting member Richard Maru.

"He polled 16,264 to win the Yangoru-Saussia seat, his runner-up on 9,696, (National Alliance Party candidate) Peter Wararu."

In the 2012 National Election, Maru unseated Wararu for his first term as an MP.

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Yangoru Saussia people’s say on Maru

Maru is the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry and a member of the People’s Congress Party (PNC).

PNC is the major coalition party in the O’Neill- Dion government with over 60 sitting MPs. 

Below is a Voxpop carried out by Loop PNG.    

Fisause Kennedy says the issues surrounding the land acquired by the National Government to develop the Sepik Economic Zone project will affect the MPs chances of securing many votes in Yekembolie, Haripmo, Kainimbu, Maringhie, Hagama villagers in the East Yangoru LLG.  

Maru confident PNC to form new government

Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru is optimistic many of the sitting Members of Parliament will be returned to form the government in July.    

“I have absolutely no doubt, PNC has 60 members (MPs), even if we lose half and 30 of the current members win, PNC will form the government again,” Maru told Loop PNG.

The local MP for Yangoru – Saussia is over confident that he had done enough to be given the mandate to return for his second term.       

Stop misleading voters: Minister

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru told Loop PNG that candidates must campaign on their policies and not lies.    

 “I think we have to stand on policies, why are you standing, what will do, that somebody else won’t do,” the Yangoru Sausssia MP said.  

“That is what we must focus on, and not all the lies and propagandas like, PNC ‘salim kantri’ (sold the country), what do you mean by PNC salim kantri (sold the country)?  

I have support across Yangoru-Saussia: Maru

Maru in an interview with Loop PNG said he had done more compared to past Yangoru – Saussia Members of Parliament.  

“I think, I have a very good chance to return, the people have seen transformation (infrastructures and services delivery) not seen in the last 40 years.”

Maru said within his five year reign, more roads were constructed linking villages not connected by road before.