Richard Maru

Maru on Budget

He says a country endowed with so much Mineral resources should not have any excuses.

He made the statement when comparing non mineral rich countries like New Zealand to PNG, who have constant National budgets of up to 100 billion annually.

Maru was pleased that the development budget has seen an increase from K2.5 billion to K4.6 billion which is projected to feed the Government’s economic stimulus package.

He said it was important to increase the investment budget so that critical infrastructure such as roads and wharfs can be built.

Hand over management to Water PNG: Maru

Planning Minister Richard Maru gave the task to Peter Numu after responding to his questions in Parliament yesterday.

Maru pointed out that the current concern of the government in regards to the issue with the Goroka water system is in light of APEC meets earmarked for the Eastern Highlands provincial town.

He said Goroka is the only town in the country that has its water supply controlled by the town council.

“I have written to the Governor to convince the town council and hand over the management of the water supply to Water PNG,” stated Maru.

‘State Equity Fund’ in 2018 Budget

National Planning Minister, Richard Maru, said the funding will be used to attract investors to partner the Government in key projects.

The initiative is to see more Public-Private Partnership (PPP) involvement in economic growth.

Minister Maru announced during the Inaugural National Agriculture Summit yesterday that the ‘State Equity Fund’ is one of the strategies undertaken by the Government to partner private investors.

VIDEO: 2018 budget focus

Minister Maru said this today in Day Three of the Inaugural National Agriculture Summit in Port Moresby.

The Minister said the 2018 Budget will see funding for economic growth double, with a major focus on Agriculture.


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Maru, supporters restrained

Justice Collin Makail on Thursday granted the order, restraining second term MP, Richard Maru, and his supporters from interfering, intimidating, threatening and assaulting the witnesses Waranaka intends to use in the petition.

K3.5m to light up Girua Airport

Richard Maru, Minister for National Planning & Monitoring, on behalf of the Government today gave the funds.

This effort by the Government complements the K45 million investment by the National Airports Corporation in upgrading Girua Airport in the Northern Province.

This support is to make Girua, which is the only airport in the country with no power connection to the PNG Power grid, to see the light of day.

The government is funding the 15 kilometre powerline from Popondetta to Girua Airport to the tune of K3.5 million.

Govt delegation to visit India

To be led by Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, the delegation will explore cooperation in education, health, agriculture, the SME sector and the National Identity project.

The visit will also open dialogue for investments in business and trade, mobilisation of resources targeted at economic growth and harnessing positive pathways India has undertaken.

During the announcement, Minister Maru said it was important to engage with India, which was an emerging superpower in the world.

VIDEO: Sack staff charging fees: Maru

He called for more productivity in fast tracking the issuing of cards to prevent long queues every day.


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VIDEO: No NID, no pay

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, issued the ultimatum when announcing the clean-up exercise of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry.

He said the measure will ensure ghost names are removed from the Government payroll.


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Minister: Sack staff charging fees

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, says he has heard that citizens have been charged to be issued their NID cards; this practice has to stop.

Maru bluntly informed the acting registrar of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry, Tumbo Kumung, to weed out the practice of charging fees.

“At the moment I’m hearing that staff are charging people all kinds of fees. The ID cards are free.

“So Mr Kumung, one of the things you’ve got to make sure doesn’t happen anymore is people being charged for getting cards.