American producer to capture LGBT voices

Tim Wolff is with the American Film Showcase.

He arrived in the country this week and began shooting on Monday, October 23.

Wolff aims to shoot at least 20 hours of interview with members of the LGBT community over a period of 8 days.

He says this footage will be left behind in the country.

“Part of my work is to create archives of LGBT persons – I don’t edit, I leave behind hours and hours of interview that could be used by any network national/international, or anybody,” he said.

Wolff has been doing this for at least 4 years now.

Indonesia bars LGBT job applicants for new youth position

The advert stipulates that the post is only open to applicants not involved in "sexually deviant behaviour".

It says this must be proven with a doctor's certificate.

Critics have accused the government in effect of destroying the futures of creative young LGBT people.

They have been barred from serving their country because of their sexuality, campaigners say.

Gay sex is not illegal in Indonesia, and the world's largest Muslim country has a vibrant transgender culture.

It is a tradition which is broadly met tolerantly by the Indonesian public.