New hospital planned for Arawa

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Elias Kapavore, said a resolution was reached between the National Executive Council on the construction of the new hospital in the region of Bougainville, and Arawa was chosen to have the facility set up.

Jailed Russian opposition head develops 'allergy'

Officials gave no details of his condition but Mr Navalny's spokeswoman said he had had an allergic reaction with severe facial swelling - something she said he had not experienced before.

A hospital source told Russian media his condition was satisfactory,

An eye doctor who treated Mr Navalny previously is concerned he may have been injured by a chemical substance.

Mr Navalny was jailed for 30 days last week after calling for unauthorised protests, which took place on Saturday.

Hospital workers disciplined for viewing patients' genitals

In December, a man went to a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospital for surgery to "remove a foreign body" that caused a genital injury, according to a Pennsylvania Department of Health report.

A "crowd" of UPMC Bedford nurses and doctors "lined up at the door" of the operating room to take photos and videos of the man's genitals while he was under anesthesia, according to the report.

Money lenders catch up with borrower after 4 months

The men were taken in after they bashed up a neighbour at their Six-Mile residence.

The victim, another man from Wabag, allegedly borrowed K1000 from the duo last November and went into hiding somewhere in the city.

The duo caught up with the victim this morning at the Six-Mile market, where he was sitting with buai sellers.

He sustained a fractured jawline, a black eye and two bruised ribs from the confrontation. He is at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

The two men will be charged with assault and threatening words.