Hela Earthquake Relief

Group welcomes MP’s announcement

Over the weekend Marape announced a stop to donations from ordinary Papua New Guineans for Tari-Pori.

Though the response from kind-hearted individuals and groups is greatly appreciated, Minister Marape said the relief effort is now into its second phase – restoration.

The Hela Earthquake Relief (HER) group, comprising of friends/volunteers from Port Moresby who have been actively collecting donation in kind since the beginning of March, say they have done all they could.

PLWD issues in quake areas

This was the message sent by one Robert Hoey, who reached out to the Hela Earthquake Relief group.

He told them of how they only wanted a good shower with a piece of soap and a bucket of water.

Hoey also highlighted needs for tents and be taken to a secure place.

Overwhelming relief response by community: Group

The official drive, which started on Friday the 09th of March, has received remarkable response.

The team leader, Rex Paura, said it was amazing; the outcome of donation in kind has been just heart-warming.

The drive, now in its third day, has since gathered at least more than 20 bales in clothing and other necessities including rice, canned goods and water bottles.

They are expecting more people to donate in kind however, starting next week, the group will focus mainly on food and water donations as well as necessary items needed by the people affected.