gender equality

Gender equality lowest in Pacific

Papua New Guinea for the first time does not have any female representative in the 10th parliament.

A disappointed Dame Meg said only Tuvalu, Samoa and now New Zealand have women in parliament.

Samoa has had women’s seats reserved that helps in women participating in politics and decision making.

Recently the World Economic Forum predicted that it will take at least six generations to fully address gender equality.

Bringing a gender lens to Pacific investments

Through educating Pacific-based gender experts about systems and processes of finance, the training will support them to have more influence in the field of impact investing and allow them to shape how capital is used to support women and girls across the Pacific.

Participants from Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu are attending a three-day program commencing today, to understand how private finance and investment work, how finance can be used as a tool to create social change and the importance of creating networks between gender organisations and investors.

MTV flips logo to stand with women

The music and culture network flipped its logo upside down -- turning the "M" into a "W" -- on TV and online Wednesday.

"WTV" also announced that employees running its social media accounts would go on "strike" for the day as a nod to protests expected worldwide.

A national strike movement called A Day Without a Woman has been organized to coincide with International Women's Day. The movement underscores wage disparity, discrimination and harassment.

Govt will foster equality in departments

In his International Women’s Day speech on Wednesday, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said: “We can be proud that today we have more women in senior roles than at any other time in our history.

“These are women as departmental heads and through staffing ranks, and in our judiciary.

“But this is not enough and continuous action speaks louder than words.”

The PM says we are seeing positive change in our schools, with the number of girls receiving an education continuing to grow.

Gender diversity essential at workplace

2016 Westpac Women Award Winner and an Information Technology manager Bosa Togs says management of organisations must be committed to gender diversity.

Togs explained that the acceptance of women today into industries and fields dominated by men because of their educational achievement or attitude is inevitable.

She said it’s not always easy to be in such a domain and taking a proactive stance in this kind of field is a bit difficult especially for women.

Mekeo women to protest for gender equality and rights

The protest aims to enhance opportunities for gender equality and women empowerment.

The women claim that for years they have been the scapegoats of taboos and customs.

They have suffered for years from continuous alcohol and drug-related verbal and physical abuse plus sexual violence that has deprived women rights in the rural areas.

The organisers say they aim to speak out for the silent majority and break down the stigma that accompanies so many experiences of violence and abuses.

Marus: Equal opportunity must be given to women

Marus says as Papua New Guinea moves forward into the future, equal opportunities must be given to everyone, including women, to participate in the growth and development of PNG.

When launching the inaugural PNG Women in Science and Industry Symposium, Marus said advancing the contribution of women and girls in science and technology is vital.

“Women are certainly making enormous advances in all sectors of society, including the public and private sector workforce.

Spice Girls' Wannabe remake pushes UN goals

The video, uploaded to YouTube, encourages girls to share a photo of themselves holding up a sign with what they want for the future, using the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant.

It is part of the Project Everyone campaign, a United Nations-supported coalition of independent and corporate groups pushing a series of UN global goals including education, gender and wage equality and an end to violence against women.

International Womens Day focuses on gender equality

It is a day that is celebrated by the United Nations (UN) since 1975 and serves as a day to celebrate, acknowledge and recognize the work of women in their countries and communities.

The UN appeals for more effort in realizing gender equality as stated by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Goal 4 specifically targets “gender equality”, all other goals also necessitate gender equality and engagement of women.

UN strongly recognizes women as key agents of change in achieving the SDGs.

Kristen Stewart on gender equality in Hollywood

The actress admitted that she is 'bored' by the ongoing debate, but people should be more proactive instead of just moaning about the industry's lack of equal pay among actors and actresses.

"Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something," she told Variety in an interview at the Sundance Film Festival.

"Go write something, go do something. And that's easy to say. Like, f**k, it's hard to get movies made. It's a huge luxury. Who gets to just make movies?

"But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it's boring."