Department for Community Development & Religion

Serious concerns raised over newspaper article

Titled “Missing K3.2m derails child protection effort”, the article said the child protection project, under the integrated community development scheme of the Department of Religion, Youth and Community Development, had ceased operations for lack of funds.

According to the news report, while K3.2 million was allocated in the 2017 Budget, efforts to find traces of tangible outcomes of this multimillion kina child protection project were in vain.

Dedication service this Friday for public servants

The Department for Community Development & Religion will be hosting this, an initiative that started last year.

The theme this year is "Promoting Honesty and Faithfulness in Public Service".

“Want to dedicate the year to God. Knowledge and everything comes from him,” said Soroi Eoe, Minister, Youth Religion and Community Development.

He said human beings are not only physical beings but also spiritual beings. And this service will put them in perspective.

The service will be held at the Sir John Guise Indoor stadium.