Australian Government

Study: Cruise tourism brings in K14 million into PNG economy annually

The study, commissioned by the Australian Government, World Bank Group member IFC and the region’s leading cruise operator Carnival Australia, looked at PNG’s five main ports and identified a number of opportunities and investments to develop cruise tourism and capitalise further on the growing sector.

The study said cruise tourism brought $5.9 million Australian dollars (K14.4 million) into Papua New Guinea’s economy last year, with an estimated $0.2 million dollars (K0.48 million) in indirect economic benefits, according to a new study.

Kokoda Initiative supports services

The new infrastructure was funded by the Australian Government under the Initiative, a partnership between Australia and Papua New Guinea to protect the Kokoda Track region and deliver services to its communities.

The new buildings will support more than 272 students and 13 teachers at Efogi, Kavovo and the surrounding villages of Launamu, Kagi, Naduri and Manari.

Teachers at Efogi Primary School will no longer have to conduct elementary classes in the local community hall as has been the case due to inadequate facilities.