APEC Ministers Responsible for Mining

Australian Resources Minister in PNG for meet

Minister Canavan is representing the Australian government at the APEC Ministers Responsible for Mining meeting in Port Moresby.

The meeting will focus on promoting investment and innovation in mining, and address overcoming barriers to innovation-driven growth and inclusion.

Minister Canavan said the meeting was a good opportunity to work with the PNG Government and senior representatives from APEC countries on resource-based issues.

PM seeks to host APEC mining meeting

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, says the hosting of the infrequent meeting will create opportunities for partnerships.

“As part of Papua New Guinea’s hosting of the APEC process, we will seek to host an APEC Mining Ministerial Meeting.

“There have only been three APEC Mining Ministerial Meetings in the past ten years. I see these meetings as essential for promoting co-operation and innovation in this sector,” O’Neil said.