Police remove evicted families, set belongings on fire

Police forcefully removed evicted families from Gordon’s today by loading their goods onto a waiting truck while setting on fire other belongings.

The family who were evicted on the weekend and spent the last three nights outside the premises were today forcibly removed.

A good number of police personnel were outside the premises of the units, which are the subject of a court dispute.

Police cleared the premises where the families had been seated after being evicted three days ago.

Yesterday Lucy Agen, Cecilia Sam and their families informed Loop PNG that a court dispute is still underway.

However, they claim the owner of this shop, who is Asian by origin, is using heavy handed tactics to remove them despite a court order preventing that.

The evicted families said the eviction was carried out by Special Services Division officers.

Acting group Commander Papua, Rumut Pachichi, when contacted yesterday, said he was aware of the eviction and had informed men under his command not to conduct any eviction.

Pachichi also added that he was awaiting clarification from the NCD and Central Command over the eviction.

Despite this, the forceful removal of the tenants was done witnessed by other residents within the area.

(Today at Gordon, Port Moresby)

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Cedric Patjole
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