Gordon eviction will be dealt with: N’Dranou

The NCD metropolitan superintendent commander, Perou N’Dranou, says he is aware of the eviction that displaced two families on Christmas Eve (December 24).

He was queried on the part of the police following the eviction of two families who were forcefully removed from their Gordon’s homes, which they claim to have occupied for more than 30 years.

It was alleged that fully armed police officers arrived in a convoy of vehicles and carried out the exercise.

The Commander stated in an interview yesterday evening that the incident had already occurred and it was beyond their control. However, they will deal with this issue after the New Year.

He said from his command, there were clear directives that there would be no evictions until 2018.

While many families throughout the country were celebrating Christmas, Lucy Agen and Cecilia Sam, along with their families, were locked outside their homes.

In an earlier report, it was revealed that the units in question are currently the subject of a court dispute between the tenants and the owner of an Asian shop, who is alleged to have acted illegally in obtaining the title.

Agen said they were rejected by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) after numerous attempts to have the titles properly transferred to them.

They were however, surprised when the Asian shop owner issued them an eviction notice claiming he had the legitimate title.

Agen says currently there is a National Court order stopping any eviction until the matter returns to court on February 8th 2018.

N’Dranou further said: “We are subject to the scrutiny and the screening of the court orders that come into our command.

“When it is given or directed by the command and all documents are clear and legal, then people have to move because of the court order.

“Police are subject to court instructions as well.”

(File pic of the items that were removed by police)

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Imelda Wavik