Baki urged to enforce warrant

Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah has called on Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, to enforce the warrant of arrest on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

In a media conference yesterday, Namah said the entire country is now watching Baki after the National Court decision that dismissed a judicial review of the arrest warrant.

“The entire country is now watching you. You are duty bound as the Police Commissioner to enforce the laws of this country.”

Namah has also called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to respect the decision of the court and to go in for questioning.

He said O’Neill had a constitutional duty to the people of PNG to do so.

“You are the Prime Minister of this country, you hold the highest office of the land, so you should lead by example.

“There’s a warrant of arrest for you, subject yourself to the police fraud squad, get arrested and defend yourself in court,” Namah said.

Namah is the principal complainant in the investigations leading up to the granting of the warrant of arrest in 2014.

The complaints pertain to the Paul Paraka legal bill payments of K71.8 million and the LR Group payment of K50 million for two power generators.

Meanwhile, the PM says he will exercise his legal right to appeal the decision.

“Due to various inconsistencies with previous rulings and established precedents, we are disappointed with the decision that was handed down and will exercise our legal right of appeal to a higher court,” the Prime Minister said.

“We will continue to challenge these issues because the initial complaint was politically motivated and has serious implications for the transparency of legal process in our country.

“This matter was initiated by Belden Namah and pursued by Don Polye through their complaint for purely political gains.

“We have seen this tactic time and time again with high profile cases, where charges were laid without evidence, then thrown out of court after a few months but in the meantime, the reputational damage is done.”

Cedric Patjole