Police chief aims to get older recruits

More matured recruits are being sought by the police in an effort to address the discipline problems being faced in the Constabulary.

In his Christmas address Police Commissioner Gari Baki said that the recruitment age gap will be increased from between 18 to 35.

This will be so that aspiring young men and women, as well as matured citizens already employed in the workforce are given the opportunity to join the Constabulary.

He also said that the current recruitment training at the Bomana Police College will be increased from six to eighteen months to allow the Constabulary to churn out intakes who are disciplined, well matured and subservient to the demands of policing.

Baki says that his main priority is to restore public trust and confidence in the hearts and minds of the people, and encourage them to be partners with the Constabulary in the fight against crime.

Meantime, he says  that in 2017 the National General Elections will be staged in the country and thereafter the nation will host the APEC meeting in 2018.

With these events in mind, Baki says  that the security challenges facing the Constabulary are massive but he is confident that the government will provide the necessary funding and support to ensure the best security for these important events.

Julianna Waeda