Hip Hop Star calls to respect and treat women and girls right

International hip-hop star Jay Lieasi (AKA Prote-J) has made a call for all students, especially boys to treat girls as equals and stand beside them as partners and allies.

Lieasi who is also the UN Women Youth Champion was speaking to more than 2,600 students at Wardstrip Primary school in Port Moresby during Sanap Wantaim: The New Normal, an anti-violence campaign yesterday. The campaign, co-funded by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the Australia Government will run for eight weeks.

“Boys, you need to stand up and make Port Moresby safe for everyone,” he said.

“You are leaders of tomorrow and it is important how you treat your family, community, city, country and world,” the star said.

Students signed an orange hand to symbolise a future free from violence against women and girls and as their commitment to make Port Moresby safe for women and girls.

The hands will be given to Prime Minister Peter O’Neil on November 25 to commemorate United Nations International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

“Just make an impact, he said. “It may seem small, but all these small acts add up to really big things and each one of us has the power of change inside.”

Representatives from youth organizations such as YWCA, The Voice Inc., Ginigoada, Yoga Unites and Equal Playing Field joined Lieasi in the campaign.

Sharon Mili from the Youth Adolescent Health Club said she has always felt unsafe in public spaces because of past experiences of harassment.

“Through this campaign, we can educate our people on issues such as equality amongst men and women, consent, harassment, human rights and gender based violence,” she said.

Residents of Port Moresby are invited to join the campaign and stand together to make the city safe for women and girls.

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