ABAC representation announced

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill has announced the new membership of Papua New Guinea’s APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) representation

Papua New Guinea’s ABAC group will now be comprised of:

- Mr. David Toua

General Manager Corporate Affairs, Steamships Trading Company

- Mr. Isikeli Taureka

Executive Vice President PNG, InterOil Limited

- Mr. Kostas G. Constantinou

Managing Director, Lamana Development Limited

In announcing the new lineup the Prime Minister said membership in the group will be rotated to ensure a fresh injection of perspectives and a broadening of business networking.

“I look forward to the input that our ABAC members will continue to provide to the Government and to the broader APEC process,” PM O’Neill said.

“It is essential that ABAC Papua New Guinea shares the views and concerns of businesses in our economy with the region, and regional perspectives are shared with our businesses.

“ABAC cannot work in isolation and I look forward to our members increasing their engagement.”

O’Neill says the Government appreciates that ABAC participation takes a substantial amount of time from the schedules of business leaders who are already busy, and the country is grateful for the work of the outgoing ABAC members.

“ABAC members have their own businesses to run and operate so changing representation from time-to-time will also reduce burden on the members’ time.

“This involvement is particularly important as we prepare to host an ABAC meeting in 2016, and then host the APEC process in 2018 including the APEC CEO Summit.”

ABAC meets for four formal meetings each year and facilitates a range of other meetings throughout the year that foster business-to-government engagement, and small business development.

Throughout each year ABAC members develop an annual report for APEC Economic Leaders that contains a series of recommendations for maintaining stability and enhancing economic growth in the region.