City Mission Enhances Women In Business

City Mission in Port Moresby graduated 32 women with certificates in small business after a month’s training at the City Mission’s Life Skills Training Centre at Mirigeda outside Port Moresby.

The training was facilitated in collaboration with the Swiss Academy for program with the funding from Puma Energy in Switzerland.

With the motto, ‘start small, act locally, think globally’, the 11th batch of trainees were unique in having participants from technical professional background to simple homemakers and young women who had just finished formal school. 

Monalisa Saragum shared her testimony of how she has now said goodbye to hopelessness and her dream for a business got resurrected.

“The training itself was like seeing light in the tunnel. As the days went by I started feeling and thinking positive about myself. The confidence in me was extra ordinary,” said participant, Monalisa Saragum.

 A former office secretary, Monalisa left formal employment 23 years ago to pursue business. But things didn’t work out as planned and she never went back to formal employment either. 

“But as I stand here I will only witness how precious, merciful, faithful, patient our Heavenly Father is. Through City Mission and the training sessions with Pastor Joe you know my dreams for business resurrected. My confidence to walk into any job employment is extraordinary,” said Ms Saragum.

General Manager for City Mission, Gerald Bengessers said he was happy for the graduation at the farm as an exposure for City Mission’s training program for unfortunate young men. Currently there are about 150 to 160 young men going through a 14 months training on the farm.

“We provide basic training of carpentry, electrical, plumbing and automotive and the program goes for about 14 months, and the course is to look for unfortunate young men in the settlement and from the street, he said.

Training facilitator, also had a thing or two to say about the 11th batch of trainees.

“When it’s a good time or bad time, you become the land cruiser. I would like to end by saying, you start small, act locally but what do I say about your head? Your coconut must think globally, internationally, worldwide. So this small body when she walks, mind is out there to produce more.” Pastor Joe Hanuma said.

City mission has so far graduated 360 women under this business training program. The next training will be in October and open to women of all walks of life.

Frieda Kana