City Mission business training for women

City Mission PNG is concluding an entrepreneurism training this week at City Mission, Koki involving 32 women of all walks of life.

The training for batch number 11, which ran for a month will end with the graduation at the Mission Farm in Mirigeda outside Port Moresby.

Facilitator, Pastor Joe Hanuma, Business Trainer for City Mission PNG said the purpose of the training is to identify disadvantaged women who are into SME activities, doing market on the roadside or just want to organize their household budgets.

The training, which originated in Switzerland by the City Mission was started in PNG in 2018 with funding by PUMA Energy in Switzerland through partnership of City Mission in Switzerland.

“This training is focused to help disadvantaged women or women who have a desire to start up a mini business. They’ve seen that from a developing country in PNG, women need such training to help them in starting up their business,” Pastor Hanuma said.  

From Nepal the training was directed to Papua New Guinea starting formally in 2018 and has been running successful training for women in development business skills. Women have graduated with certificates in business literacy.

Pastor Hanuma said when the training started in 2018, City Mission had partnered with Ginigoada and women who attended were beneficiaries of the women’s safe house, ‘Haus Ruth City Mission’ at Ela Beach.

Haus Ruth is focused on helping disadvantaged women in PNG. 

City Mission has assisted women in all aspects of life, having in this batch, women with background in banking, geology, teachers, office administration and SME owners.

Tracy Narawen, who has her own little market  said: “Most of us have our own little informal markets and we have learnt in the training how to save and balance out money and expenses and so forth.”

She said they are all looking forward to learning how to do a business profile, which is the lesson for tomorrow and also looking forward to graduating on Friday.

City Mission is a no-profit organization serving marginalized youths, especially boys; Its motto, ‘spreading the love of God and meeting human needs.

Frieda Kana