137 certified as SME Skills trainers

One hundred and thirty-seven people from Labu 1 Village in Huon Gulf District, Morobe Province, have graduated as trainers in SME Skills & Project Proposal Writing. The training enables them to prepare simple people to venture into economic activities.

The participants, mostly women, attended the two-week training conducted by Morobe Provincial Government volunteers.

According to Lead Trainer Alfred Gase, the training is the 37th one so far in Morobe Province.

Mr Gase stated that it is essential to prepare people with the right skills before they can be able to source funding to strengthen or make business.

MPG SME Coordinator Willie Mainu said participants paid a small fee to register and attend the training. The training is tailored for simple people to understand.

He said the 137 participants will become certified trainers themselves. They can train other interested people along the way.

The participants were told that an SME Policy will be enacted with funding subsidies.

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