Sim users and operators warned

Despite the extension of the Sim registration for another three months, sim users and telecommunication operators alike are being warned to be mindful of the laws that are in place.

NICTA CEO, Charles Punaha, explained that sim users need to take into consideration the 30 day in-active period, when a card can be made in-active if there is no usage by the user.

He also warned that after 90 days the operators can recycle the number back into the system to be reissued to new sim cards.

Meantime, Communications Minister, Sam Basil has warned all operators to not charge users for registration of sim cards.

The Minister says that any operator found to be charging users will be dealt with by NICTA and the ICCC.

“People in the rural areas have raised concerns about being charged for this service.

“This is illegal and no operator or agent acting on their behalf must charge for this service’, the Minister reiterated.

Julianna Waeda