SIM deactivation deadline pushed back

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unregistered SIM deactivation exercise has been pushed back for a couple of months.

In an interview with this newsroom, Communications & Information Technology Minister, Timothy Masiu, said the deadline, which was initially set for the end of this month, has been extended for another four months.

“By the end of July, the 31st of July, we should review whether we continue to give it some more time or we will definitely close it then,” Masiu stated.

“So that is the announcement from my Ministry and from NICTA.

“As we all know, the coronavirus is impacting the country a lot; most of our people in the rural areas they have mobile phones, whether it’s Digicel or bmobile or Telikom. And we simply cannot deactivate. We have to be responsible and our people need mobile phones to receive messages because both these mobile network providers are doing a very good job in sending out SMS.”

The Minister further thanked citizens for adhering to information put out by the Government, and most importantly, for relying on reliable news mediums for information.

“It’s important that people continue to listen to the right information,” he stressed.

Carmella Gware