Save Your SIM, register today!

The end of July is one of the most important days approaching for everyone in PNG. End of July is the deactivation date for all un-registered SIM’s, and this affects everyone.

That was the message from the new Digicel PNG Vice President, Lorna McPherson, when she called on all Digicel SIM holders to register their SIM card before the end of July.

“You cannot take any chances, it must be done and it needs to be done right now.” Said Lorna.

“This is a government directive, and we need to take heed of their decision. So come the end of July we will deactivate any SIM cards that are not registered.” Lorna added.

To avoid this it will simply take five minutes of your time register your SIM at any Digicel outlet today.

If you use your phone for personal and work activities, come end of July you won’t be able to; receive or make calls to your friends and family, send SMS messages, access your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, send or receive emails from your p hone to access a lost password an access your back accounts if you use mobile banking.

All of these services will disappear if your SIM is not registered.

Digicel will be required to block your mobile number if you haven’t registered your SIM.

Lorna McPherson also added. “We know the importance of having a working mobile number and we want all of our customers to stay connected. Our teams are here to help and get your SIM registered today.”

“People need to be aware that the July deadline is fast approaching for SIM registration. This means if you don’t register your SIM, you will be disconnected. No more calls, no more SMS, no more data until you register your SIM.”

“Act NOW, don’t wait, its only 5 minutes to register and then you have this number linked to you…it’s your number.”

“If you do wait, and you don’t register your SIM will be blocked and you may never have access to these services again.”

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