Positive impacts of social media and technology

Port Moresby continues to experience a large number of criminal activities, and what used to go unnoticed before is now getting attention as more people and witnesses come out.

Social media and the easier access through mobile phones has been seen as a main platform that has contributed to this at times even  acting as catalysts to save lives of innocent victims of crime.

This platform may well have saved the lives of two innocent young men – who, if not for the quick actions of good Samaritans, may have died of stab wounds from petty criminals.

The two young men were attacked recently around the Gordon and the University areas.

An eye witness from the Gordon’s stabbing remarked that by communicating by phone and posting on social media they managed to get help faster.

He recalled that passing vehicles didn’t even stop when they were waved down.

 “We assisted him by applying pressure on the wound and trying to stop vehicles which didn't stop to assist, and then called the Police and posted a picture of the victim on social media” 

The man says that a traffic Unit after being flagged down got in touch with the police operations centre who alerted the ambulance.

The man said that after 10 minutes, police vehicles and an ambulance arrived on the scene.

The young man was reportedly stabbed in his back after being beaten badly.

Meantime, the other victim who was identified as a student from Divine word was attacked around the University area, toward NRI.

He too sustained stab wounds but was rushed by good Samaritans to the St Johns hospital.

In this case the young man was unidentified, it was only after his picture was posted on social media that his relatives managed to identify him.

Imelda Wavik