PNG gamers to stream in first-ever event

No doubt a first-of-its-kind for the country, PNG gamers will be hosting a ‘stream-a-thon' starting today (January 30th) at 12pm.

Set to end at 12pm the next day, the ‘PNG Game Streamers’ group initiated the event in support of one of their members. 

One of the administrators, ‘Del Toro’, said after finding out that one of their peers was ‘facing a very difficult and painful family issue’, they came up with the idea to run the 24-hour stream-a-thon. 

“That way we could all positively contribute and at the same time, show support to our brother by doing something he and us, as a small yet growing community, love doing - video gaming and live streaming. 

“It is completely free to view online as we will be streaming on both the Facebook gaming platform and also Twitch, which are free to access and cost only the data that a person would spend to watch, say a YouTube video or online livestream video,” explained Del Toro. 

“In terms of joining us as streamers in the stream-a-thon, we have already established a small group of PNG streamers who will be streaming at 2-hour intervals, interchanging between streamers over the 24 hours. 

“As improvements in technology and costs to stream (data and equipment) decrease, I anticipate more PNG people, of all ages and backgrounds, to take up video game streaming as a hobby or even serious occupation as it has been proven that popular streamers overseas can make very good earnings from the hobby. 

“I must state that it does involve some sacrifice, hard work and consistency to be a successful game streamer but it can be a very positive activity for the community and we hope that events like this one where we can contribute to our friends and those around us will shine light on that.” 

Del Toro said if this event turns out to be successful, he hopes to see the platform used to raise awareness or fundraise for worthy causes. 

Carmella Gware