PM highlights importance of digital economy

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has highlighted the importance of the continued use of new technologies in Papua New Guinea.

He said APEC economies continue to make progress in expanding the use of these platforms by people around the region.

“Today we live in a digital world and the continued use of technology in our economies is growing by the day.

Papua New Guinea will continue to build on our technology uptake.

“This will ensure that our communities, particularly in remote locations, can use new technologies to participate in the economy, and for the delivery social services and education.

“I am very pleased to see many of our young people adapting to new technology.

“They are creating opportunities for themselves, also applying new technologies for good use in our communities.”

Digital economy is one of the three priority areas APEC economies will be focusing on.

The other two include empowering women in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and creating jobs through SMEs.

Freddy Mou