Partnership To Enhance Digital Skills

The Buk bilong Pikinini and Niunet signed a Memorandum of Understanding to accomplish digital skills and use technology and information from the internet into the classrooms.

Niunet Chief Executive Officer, David Valentine, paid a visit to BbP’s Library Learning Centre located at Monier 9 Mile Rouna Quarry for this occasion.

BbP has developed an app especially for PNG’s children which supports the children’s curriculum learning via games, stories and audio books, this in agreement with Niunet includes assistance for BbP’s IT systems and website.

A website was also created by BbP which supports teachers with their digital skills so they can use online learning platforms and the internet as part of their teaching. The website contains guides and links to great learning platforms used by teachers across the world on a daily basis. 

Mr Valentine read BbP’s published reader, “When I Grow Up I Want to Be an ICT Officer”, to the children and explained what kinds of things you do when working in IT. 
He also acknowledged the work of BbP by using technology to increase education outcomes. 

The children had a great time playing games on the BbP Learning App and were super excited to get an opportunity to spend time on the tablets.

Press Release