ICT Dept Evolving

The Department of Information and Communications Technology has highlighted that it is on a mission to build highly skilled, passionate and ethical young Papua New Guineans.

The department knows that digital transformation is not just about technology, and to achieve successful digital transformation means getting other critical components such as people, organisational culture and even systems and processes right.

“To build a safe, secure and productive digital economy starts with getting our people and our culture right and we are doing that already,” said the department.

So far, the department has undergone a rebranding process, corporate restructure, launch of the five-year corporate plan and has driven a recruitment exercise earlier this year.

“Now we are in the process of getting our staff to understand the legislation and policies that guide the public servants, specifically the Public Finance Management Act, Public Service Management Act, General Orders as well and our roles as public servants,” stated the ICT department.

“Real change takes time, but a step in the right direction for the department, the ICT sector and the country as a whole.”

The department further acknowledged the Department of Personnel Management staff for their tireless efforts in supporting it with all HR matters, and the current induction workshop for its 15 staff.

(The Our Department of Information and Communications Technology’s principal legal counsel, Oala Moi, and executive manager cybersecurity and digital government standards, Georgina Kiele, after their presentations during the induction workshop yesterday)

Press Release