Governor calls for more local content

Minister for Communication, Sam Basil, has supported calls for more emphasis on local content in broadcasting in the country.

Basil said this in response to questions by Bougainville Governor, Joe Lera.

“What is the policy of NBC in regards to giving equal airtime to global, national and local content to our people? asked Lera.

“I ask this question because currently radio Bougainville is giving more time to global and national content and little time to Bougainville content.

“This disadvantages my people from getting adequate, relevant and appropriate information on the social, economic, political affairs, especially in the context of the referendum.”

In response, Basil said: “I support it, we should be giving more emphasis on our radio broadcasting contents to have more local content especially in Bougainville, with the referendum coming up, we need to give it more airtime.

“I will sit down with the Minister assisting the Prime Minister and of course the NBC managing Director to look at that.

“We will also look at the overall National Broadcasting Corporation how we mix the local content with global issues and national issues.”

Basil also announced support towards improving capabilities in Bougainville, as well as Hela and Jiwaka provinces.



Cedric Patjole