D’MUSIC is for everyone

Papua New Guinea is a country that loves music and all types for that matter.

Music in PNG is central to the development of its identity. Over time the outside world has influenced what we thought we knew about music and we have accelerated to a whole other level of genre. We also love to hear and see trending music and video clips on different platforms.

Digicel PNG has gone out of its way to make accessible to Papua new Guineans the various musical genres by introducing D’Music, what it is and how it makes putting the internet and music player app into one.

For example, if I wanted to download songs and I go to Mp3juice and download my songs there or if I see a good track on YouTube or a good cover I’ll go to tubelead and I’ll download the track in Mp3 format. It’ll then come up to my storage device and from my storage device the music app will pick up that music in my storage device and then it will come onto my playlist. I go to recently added and then be able to access that one song.

This sounds like too much to take in, right? With D’Music you can put that whole process into one without much of a fuss. D’Music is a music app that has an endless supply of music from a vast selection of genres to choose from internationally and from our local artists. This wonderful app is available on android and iOS users.

You can only access D’Music app if you buy any of Digicel’s 1TOK Prime bundles via *675#. The standalone D’Music premium plans will be added soon to My Digicel App so there is more exciting feature plans to look forward to.

The D’Music app has so much to offer to all those music lovers out there. The app allows the user to now access the radio stations available as well. With D’Music you can:

• Stream your favourite songs from over 40 million tracks and artists from a wide variety of musical genres, including songs from local artists.

• Enjoy great sound quality and fast streaming and play any song from any device, mobile, tablet or your computer @ www.digicelmusic.com with premium service.

• Experience dark mode, offline streaming and explicit filter mode

• Listen to your favorite tunes free of advertisements.

• Download your songs for offline listening (offline mode & on Wi-Fi).

• Enjoy unlimited back and forward track skips.

• Personalize your listening by liking favorite tracks to listen later.

• Access your recently played songs.

• Listen to featured playlists or create playlists for the mood you are in, such as party, workout, love or on the way to work.

• Play, pause and skip tracks from locked screen.

• Watch top music videos and D’Music also gets the latest albums or music video clips the day they are released

Fun fact: When stuck in traffic or if your kids are driving you to insanity, activate the Car mode on D’MUSIC and relax through the storm around you and endless waiting in traffic.

D’MUSIC truly is a wonderful way to easily access the type of music and videos you want. Another great feature that is available on the app is being able to watch virtual concerts uploaded by our local and international artists, and due to COVID this is a safe and enjoyable way to watch your favourite artists in the comfort of your home. That is something to look forward to, to doing in your own time and with all that is happening in the world you need an app that does it all for you when you need that right track to clear your mind.

Carol Kidu