Cybercrime law audit underway

An audit into the country’s cybercrime law is currently in progress.

The audit will cover cyber security assessments as well the audit of all the critical internet infrastructure nationwide.

The findings of the audit are expected to be made available by the end of February.

This exercise is being carried out as per instructions issued by Minister for Communications, Information, Technology and Energy, Sam Basil.

Basil last year directed the ICT sector to shape up and formulate a more coordinated approach.

The approach primarily aims to streamline government functions in the sector, including matters of cyber security, which is a growing concern for the government, especially in light of the APEC 2018.

The National Information & Communications Technology Authority CEO, Charles Punaha, said the audit report will form the basis for the enforcement of the cybercrime law recommendations and the implementation of the law itself.

Punaha also confirmed that the cybercrime law is having its policy aspect polished.

“After the policy is endorsed by cabinet, we will then work on the legislation itself,” said Punaha.

NICTA aims to have the legislation finalised for parliament session in July this year.

Carolyn Ure