CPL moves into digitization

City Pharmacy Limited (CPL) will embark on a digitization program as part of its Transformation Program.

Managing Director, Mahesh Patel, said this process will replace the current paper based system the company uses.

Patel said many of the company’s records were lost following the fire that destroyed its Gerehu head office and warehouse.

“All of our records have been lost because it was all paper based.  So were now looking at digitization of all our documents,” Patel said.

He said this process is art of the Transformation Program to be smarter and cost efficient.

Patel added there will not be any downsizing of manpower as part of this move.

“We’ll need people still but it will be a smarter process. But instead of them working hard they’re working smart.

“Cash is still tight because the market is very low at the moment. Business is still down but we need to improve our cost structure looking at doing things ore with technology.

He added  “We are looking at all costs at the moment to cut fat out of the system, whilst realising that human resource is our key and so we make  sure we up skill them so they take on more responsibility, more advanced training.”

The CPL Business Transformation Program which comes into effect June 1st aims to strengthen the company’s organizations structure and increase alignment with the company’s objectives of driving quality for its retail and sharpening is operational focus.

Cedric Patjole