Countdown has already begun!

The countdown has already begun, and Digicel PNG is appealing to its 2 million users to register their SIM cards or get disconnected by the end of this month.

There won't be any further extensions, and Digicel has started to test systems to deactivate un-registered SIMs.

In an interview with the Digicel PNG Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson, customers have been reminded that failure to register their SIM cards would mean that they would be cut off from connecting to the Digicel network. 

“You won’t be able to make a call, you won’t be able to SMS, you won’t be able to go on the internet; your SIM won’t work,” said McPherson.

The SIM registration form only requires basic information about the SIM owner. This also includes a form of photo ID, or a letter from your village leader, to verify your identity.

In anticipation of the looming deadline, Digicel has placed over 6,000 agents right around the country, including the rural areas, to help register SIM cards.

McPherson said for those who cannot access Digicel outlets, call the Customer Care on 123 for more information.

Meantime, over 1.5 million Digicel users have already registered their SIMs.

Carmella Gware