Communication improved to access health services

A new crosspatch radio communication system is now implemented to make medical health services accessible for the people of Eastern Highlands Province.

The phase one of communication tool was implemented and at the same time completed by MAF Technologies which includes both High Frequency and Very High Frequency Radio.

Cross patching of the two different radio frequency will make communication convenient especially for remote communities.

Doctors from the hospital will be able to use the system to collect data while assisting patients 24/7.

Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority CEO, Joseph Apa said the new system is a vital communication tool that will immensely have a positive impact especially in the remote communities.

“As it will enable patients to have easy access to medical services and medical assistance seven days a week cutting down on travel expenses and medical expenses,” he said.

MAF Technologies General Manager, Bryan Matthews said partnering with the Public Health Service and providing a reliable technology solution is the way forward to ensure remote communities received the much-needed health services.

“We hope that the Eastern Highlands hospital crosspatch system can be a model for other Provincial Health Services within the country,” said Matthews.

“As it is an effective communication system that will connect and enable the isolated communities to receive vital communication link to support and provide easy access to medical services,” he said.

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