3G, 4G coverage into rural PNG

The vast lands of PNG are often not accessible by road, which means that the only way to travel is via air, and often the requirement is by helicopter.

This is expensive and out of the reach of most Papua New Guineans.

It limits PNG in connecting businesses, families and to the rest of the world.

“PNG’s firm reliance on fast and reliable telecommunication services is essential, and there is only one provider that truly covers Papua New Guinea and that is Digicel,” says the firm.

“Digicel has invested extensively in Papua New Guinea for over 10 years, creating jobs and new industries. Their commitment to advancing services has allowed the SME and Corporate segment to expand services to over 8 million Papua New Guineans.”

Investment is critical in the technology space for the advancements of communications and data provisions, which are moving at a rapid pace, and people globally are now embracing the next phase of the Internet of Things (IoT) and even 5G networks. 

Digicel with the support of its Chairman has invested well over $1 billion in Papua New Guinea and will in the coming year increase its investment not only in the cities but with a major focus on expanding into rural PNG; the heartlands that have previously never had access to telecommunications services.

While other PNG providers are challenged to provide basic communication services in the cities like Port Moresby and Lae, Digicel is embracing the further rollout of additional 3G and 4G coverage into rural PNG.

At the recent Men of Honour Awards, conducted by Digicel through its Foundation; Chief Executive Officer of Digicel PNG, Colin Stone, stated: “It is my pleasure to not only announce the spectacular work of our nominees and winners here tonight but to also highlight Digicel’s unwavering commitment to growing this amazing nation. This year, Digicel will continue to invest not only in the cities where others have seen fit to stop; but to invest into our rural communities, upgrading and expanding our coverage past the current 80 percent of the population. This upgrade is an extension of the $1billion already invested in Papua New Guinea to date.

“This further investment in 2019 will mean over 173 Digicel towers will be upgraded to new technology, providing wider 3G and 4G Digital services than has ever been seen before in Papua New Guinea. 

“We will not stop with our investment and commitment to PNG. These upgrades are not just about improvements to existing communications but rather new coverage to 65 new places, new villages and communities in the country, not currently served today.

“The upgrades and expansions by Digicel will not only help share the good work of the Men of Honour Award recipients but also increase the reach of Government services such as education, health, safety, financial services and access to information on a scale not seen before in rural Papua New Guinea.

“Fundamental to our business and our Chairman, Denis O’Brien, is the principle that as our business grows, so too must the communities we serve and so too must the country. Digicel will continue to connect more of the unconnected in Papua New Guinea,” concluded Stone.

Look out for more details from Digicel on the upcoming upgrades and expansion into rural PNG.

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